now (29 days)
contributing to
Tevm - lately with a Next.js example integrating Tevm.
now (45 days)
working on
savvy - an interface for the EVM on the browser, to simulate & visualize onchain activity.
March 2024 (40 days)
researched on
airdrop gas benchmarks - a series of tests to measure gas usage for popular airdrop patterns with various token standards and airdrop mechanisms.
February 2024 (12 days)
researched on
gas metering comparison - measuring how various libraries/frameworks report gas usage against testnet transactions, for a specific set of calldata.
December 2023 (22 days)
contributed to
Glider - testing the tool from Hexens during a Secureum workshop, contributing to the documentation.
December 2023 (21 days)
researched on
ERC1155A - fuzzing Superform's ERC1155A, an extension of ERC1155 with extended approval and transmute logic.
November 2023 (5 days)
researched on
storage collision - an example of how some automated testing tools will behave with a very precise storage collision exploit.
June 2023 (21 days)
hacked on
cascade - (just another attempt at a) decentralized automated crowdfunding platform, with automated and flexible recurring payments.
May 2023 (4 months)
experimented with
esthesis - an immersive 3D visualizer for music NFTs across different platforms
March 2023 (44 days)
contributed to
Chainlink Functions - testing Chainlink Functions during Alpha (01-03/2023) and Beta (09/2023); provided some now outdated examples: Next.js starter, cross-chain aggregation, onchain Twitter verifier.
February 2023 (40 days)
experimented with
poligraph - a 3D graph to help visualize political relationships in the French Assemblée Nationale.
February 2023 (14 days)
experimented with
echoes - a contemplative yet interactive collectible, made of particles, as part of an immersive audiovisual experience.
January 2023 (9 months)
worked on
metaverse - an example of 3D audio integration in a virtual world on the browser.
November 2022 (34 days)
hacked on
promise - built to help improve trust in our digital relationships and make founders more accountable for their promises; Chainlink Top Quality Projects, QuickNode 1st Prize.