Chainlink's New Dawn

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Chainlink strikes again with another milestone. Earlier this year, we saw the Alpha release of Functions, followed closely, in July, by the release of CCIP on both testnet and mainnet. Now, a few months later, the Beta release of Functions on mainnet; refined and improved. A new product: Data streams, which is already being used by GMX on Arbitrum, and available in early access for developers. Incidentally, it comes packaged with Automation 2.0, which allows, among others, for *much *cheaper computation. Oh, and the Developer Hub as well.

An impressive streak.

These services are indicative of Chainlink’s commitment to make blockchain a hands-on reality for both developers and users; technologies that are secure, reliable, and accessible. Consequently, their recent partnership with SWIFT, the global provider of standard financial communication services, consolidates their presence in both blockchain and traditional financial systems.

I’ve been exposed to Chainlink since a hackathon in Fall 2022, and I got to try out the first versions of Functions, as well as most of their products extensively across projects. I can’t help but share my excitement and perspective on the large potential this brings to blockchain and smart contracts.

This is not a shill or “pump my bags” post; I have no affiliation with Chainlink. Only a genuine interest and a strong enthusiasm from a developer’s perspective, with a keen focus on security, robustness, and accessibility. Which I want to share, as I believe in products you can actually use and benefit from. I’m convinced that there is no stronger bet, as a developer, than getting involved in their ecosystem as early as possible.

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