Decentralized systems, End the Cycle of Indifference

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  1. Decentralized systems, End the Cycle of Indifference
  2. 6. Concluding thoughts: Our next steps

6. Concluding thoughts: Our next steps

This post is only an attempt to demonstrate the potential of decentralized systems to reshape how we make decisions and engage in communities. Which would already help mitigate the indifference that comes from constant and unreasonable delegating.

We actually already have the technologies and practical methods required to make voting more transparent and inclusive, with the same if not better security than traditional systems offer. Nothing stands in the path of a collective effort to substantially increase every-day participation in community decision-making, which, as we’ve discussed, has become crucial in modern democracies.

The question is no longer how, but when we will seize these technologies; especially before they get adopted and co-opted by the industry giants, eager to quickly establish a stranglehold on new technologies such as blockchain.

Distributed voting systems are merely one of many opportunities made possible by blockchain. There is much more than is portrayed in the majority of media outlets, which eagerly exploit the slightest occasion to prematurely undermine blockchain’s credibility; this is hardly a surprise, as they have no interest in having a — highly profitable — opaque and flexible system replaced by one with opposite characteristics.

I believe many popular initiatives can find leverage in distributed systems and permissionless networks — ultimately, this is just a step towards democratizing access and empowering people to take back control over their own data, decisions, and virtually any aspect of their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I welcome any feedback; I’m genuinely open to discussions and alternative viewpoints, as this article is grounded in my assumptions and personal perspective.

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