Decentralized systems, End the Cycle of Indifference

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  1. Decentralized systems, End the Cycle of Indifference
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7. References


Further reading (Educational content)

A great way to get tailored explanations is to ask ChatGPT (or any AI adapted to chat) “Explain x like I’m y”, where “x” is a concept and “y” an age. For instance, “Explain blockchain like I’m 10”.

a. Blockchain

  • Richard Bradley, Blockchain explained… in under 100 words, 2021–11–03, Deloitte.

    You (a “node”) have a file of transactions on your computer (a “ledger”). Two government accountants (let’s call them “miners”) have the **same file **on theirs (so it’s “distributed”). As you make a transaction, your computer sends an e-mail to each accountant to inform them.

    Each accountant rushes to be the first to check whether you can afford it (and be paid their salary “Bitcoins”). The first to check and validate hits “REPLY ALL”, attaching their logic for verifying the transaction (“proof of work”). If the other accountant agrees, everyone updates their file…

    This concept is enabled by **“Blockchain” **technology.

  • Paul Dughi, A simple explanation of how blockchain works, 2018–02–04, Medium.

b. Decentralization

c. Smart contracts

d. Peer-to-peer

e. Self sovereign identity

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